To activate your CGM Device:

  1. Make sure you have put on the CGM device by following the steps in Step 1

  2. Select the menu button in the top left corner of the screen

  3. Tap Settings

  4. Select Sensor Settings -> Activate New Sensor

  5. A Ready to Scan prompt will appear. Once you see the prompt, place the area of your phone that has the NFC near the CGM device and hold it there for a second. You should feel a vibration once the sensor has been scanned. For iPhones, the NFC is located on the back of the phone near the camera. The NFC location for Androids varies by device. 

If you are using an Android device, please make sure NFC is turned on by going into Settings on your phone and searching for the NFC option. You will not be able to activate or scan the sensor unless this option is toggled on!

30-60 minutes after activation, you can start scanning your device. The readings will be recorded in 15 minute increments and the device will capture the last 8 hours of  readings. This means that you have to scan the device a minimum of every 8 hours to cover the entire 24 hours, although the more scans the better! We recommend scanning right before bed and right when you wake up to capture as much of the night data as possible. 

The first 24 hours of the collected data may not be accurate since the CGM is calibrating during this time period, please do not be alarmed if the values seem to fluctuate excessively.

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