To get data from the CGM device into the app you will need to scan it:

  1. Tap the + button in the bottom center of the main dashboard

  2. A menu should open, tap the "scan" circle icon

  3. A Ready to Scan prompt will appear. Once you see the prompt, place the area of the phone with the NFC near the CGM device and hold it there for a second. You should feel a vibration once the sensor has been scanned. For iPhones, the NFC is located on the back of the phone near the camera. For androids, the NFC location varies but will be on the back of the phone.

Having trouble scanning with an android? 

Try scanning without opening the Scan dialog. On Android, if you just open the dashboard view, you should be able to touch your phone (wherever the NFC is located) to the sensor and it should scan automatically. Please wait two seconds after you feel the vibration before moving the phone. 

Want to be able to scan quicker? 

For iPhones, utilize the widget feature. Hold down on the NutriSense app for a quick option to scan, log a meal or activity, or ask us a question! 

For androids, try scanning without opening the scan dialogue. Open the dashboard view and touch your phone (wherever the NFC is located) to the sensor and it will scan automatically.

How often you should scan:

The readings are recorded in 15 minute increments and the device will capture the last 8 hours of data. This means that you have to scan the device a minimum of every 8 hours to cover the entire 24 hour period. We recommend scanning before going to bed and upon waking up, in order to capture as much of the night data as possible.

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