To log a meal, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the + button in the bottom center of the main dashboard (You can also tap and hold a specific point on the graph where you would like to log the meal)
  2. A menu will open, tap the meal icon
  3. Fill out the photo (optional), time (default will be now or a point on the graph), and type of mealĀ 
  4. Describe your meal in as much detail as possible (by listing as many ingredients as you can) in the description text box
  5. Hit the Save button

Do your best to log all your food throughout the day. If you forgot to log a meal, you can always log it later by adjusting the time in the meal form. The photo is not required so feel free to skip it if you forgot to take one. It is important, however to get all your meal descriptions in by the end of the day so the nutritionist can give you feedback on your progress.

Saving and Using Favorites

Many of us eat the same things on a daily or weekly basis. Now there is an easier way to log your favorite meals and activities!

To mark a meal or activity as a favorite and re-use it:

  1. Tap the Heart icon in the top right corner of any meal or activity card
  2. When logging a meal, tap into the Search Favorites text box
  3. Select a meal from your favorites
  4. Make any adjustments
  5. Tap Save
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