Saving notes throughout the day allows you to track other activities which might affect your glucose levels. We recommend making notes to monitor anything you may want to track against your glucose values. Such as stress levels, supplements, menstrual cycle, cold/flu, etc.  

To make a note:

  1. Tap the + button in the bottom center on the main dashboard

  2. A menu will open, tap the Note pencil icon

  3. Fill out the time (default is now) and the body of the note

  4. Hit the Save button

You can also create a note by tapping a point directly on the glucose graph:

  1. Tap and hold a point on the glucose graph where you would like to make a note (the center menu will open)

  2. Tap the Note icon

  3. Fill out the body of the note, the time will be automatically set to match the point on the graph

  4. Hit the Save button

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