We are constantly working on improving the NutriSense app. This week's update will allow you to track your daily activities and export your data! 


Updating is very simple. There is no need to re-install the app. Just follow these steps:

  1. Close the app, re-open it, and wait 10 seconds (make sure you have an internet connection)

  2. Force close the app by swiping it away in the App Picker

  3. Open the app again

You should now see the new updates!

Ask a Nutritionist

We made it easier to ask your nutritionist a question. 

  1. Simply tap the + button and tap Ask Nutritionist

Activity Tracking

We have added basic activity tracking which will allow you to track your Exercise, Sleep, Fasting, and Meditation. To track an activity follow these steps:

  1. Press the + button

  2. Select Activity

  3. Choose the type of activity, as well as the start and end time (you can add an optional description also)

  4. Press Save

The activity will appear on the date of its start time (and if it spans more than one day then it will also show up on the date of its end time). You will see the activity show up on the graph as a blue dot.

Exporting Your Data

You can now export ALL of your data by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Settings screen by tapping Menu -> Settings

  2. Tap  Export Data

  3. Confirm by tapping the red Export button

You should receive an email with a CSV attachment containing all of your tracked data.

We're always looking for user feedback so please let us know what you think!

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