The objective of the program is knowledge, because with knowledge comes power. Being able to see your glucose responses in real time to food, exercise, and other lifestyle habits will identify what you are doing well and where there is room for improvement. We are here to discover your personalized route to optimized health. With that in mind, here is what to expect from the first week of the program:

  1. Take the first couple days to let the CGM calibrate, get used to wearing the CGM, and using the app. Make sure to scan your CGM a minimum of every 8 hours

  2. Be careful not to hit your CGM on walls, doors, or with clothing. The CGM needs to stay on for the full 14 days and cannot be re-inserted if it falls off early. Make sure to wear the included sensor bandage cover for added protection.

  3. Engage in your normal routines and habits so you can learn how your day to day life impacts your glucose values. 

  4. Your dietitian will be messaging you through the chat inside the NutriSense app to help you understand your data, identify trouble areas, and come up with solutions to improve your metrics.

  5. At any time you may also ask direct questions through the NutriSense app chat. If you are wanting a plan to meet a specific goal, receive feedback on a glucose response, want some accountability, or have any health-related questions - just shoot them our way. We are here to help you reach your goals, so please utilize this resource. Questions will be answered within 24 hours on the weekdays

  6. If you have a general question you think would be helpful for all users to discuss, feel free to post it in the Facebook group. 

  7. Use the resources in this education tab to learn more about glucose and health!

This first week is focused on exploration – figuring out what your baseline glucose levels are, how your normal routine affects your glucose, and starting to understand how different actions impact your values. After getting a good baseline of your data, we can work on testing different variables or adjusting your routine to improve your data!

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