This Monday update brings a much requested feature: the ability to adjust the baseline of your CGM sensor.  

Updating (iOS and Android)

This update does not require an app download. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the NutriSense app, wait 15 seconds

  2. Force close the app (swipe it away in the app picker)

  3. Re-open the NutriSense app

Sensor Baseline Adjustment

As you probably know, the Abbot Freestyle sensors aren't perfect. Their baseline accuracy varies from person to person and from device to device. One sensor may show average values of 80-90 throughout it's lifespan, while another might average 100-110. This is usually not a big deal, since we care more about your glucose trends, and how your body responds to the foods you eat, rather than the baseline number. However, if you would like to calibrate your CGM by using a blood glucometer, now you can:

  1. Take a fasted blood glucose reading. (Please don't take a reading after working out or exerting yourself. We want your glucose to be as stable as possible during this time.)

  2. Compare the reading to your latest CGM value and note the difference.

  3. Go to Settings -> Sensor Settings

  4. In the Baseline Adjustment dropdown, select the approximate difference between the glucometer value and the CGM value. If the glucometer value is lower, then the adjustment should be negative. If it is higher, then the adjustment should be positive.

  5. Go back to your dashboard and refresh the graph area by pulling down on the event list. The glucose values and analytics should now be adjusted accordingly.

This is a per-sensor adjustment. This means that you will have to do at least one calibration for every sensor you put on if you want the baseline values to match your glucometer readings.

Bug Fixes

In addition to baseline adjustment, we've also fixed a few minor bugs:

  • Fixed date format on graph

  • The graph callout no longer pushes the graph down (making it narrower)

  • Modal dialogs on Android can now be closed by tapping anywhere

  • Note / Meal / Activity / Measurement modals now have appropriate titles


We're always listening to your feedback, so please don't be shy. Let us know what you would like to see in the app and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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