This week's release is a big one for data nerds! The new mini graph feature will allow you to see how each meal or activity affects your glucose in isolation, the zoom and pan controller will allow you to manipulate the graph easily, and logging events has become even easier! 

Updating (iOS)

Please update the app through TestFlight.

  1. Open TestFlight

  2. Tap Update

Updating (Android)

Please paste this link into your mobile browser

  1. Tap the blue Install button

  2. Install the downloaded app

Mini Graphs

Sometimes you want to see at a glance how a single meal or activity affects your glucose levels. The mini graphs will allow you to do just that. All Meal and Activity cards now have a mini glucose graph at the bottom, which shows an isolated view of that event. The first blue dot on the graph represents the time when the meal or activity was logged. The second blue dot represents a 2 hour time window for Meals or the activity end time. The red dot represents the maximum glucose levels reached during that time window. To see the mini graph, simply open any Meal or Activity card.

Graph Controller

You now get fine-grained control over the graph (in both regular and zoom views). The controller bar below the graph allows you to zoom into a specific region and pan across the data easily. This is especially useful if you are viewing more than one day's worth of glucose data.

Photos in Landscape Graph

When you are exploring the graph in landscape mode (zoom view), it's a bit hard to tell what each dot represents since the event list is not shown. Now, as you hover over a meal, you should see the photo and description of that meal directly in the callout area, under the glucose number.

Faster Event Logging

You can now tap and hold directly on the glucose graph to log an event. 

  1. Tap and hold the point on the graph where you would like to log an event. The Plus menu should open automatically.

  2. Select the type of event you would like to log (Meal, Activity, etc)

  3. The time will be pre-filled to match the point you chose on the graph. Just fill out the other details.

  4. Tap Save

Apple Workouts

For those of you who own an apple watch and use it to log workouts, you should now see these workouts show up in your Dashboard. The description will include distance and calorie data from the workout.

Faster Date Switching

You can now swipe left or right over the top navigation bar (the area with the date) to go back or forward one day. 

Bug Fixes

In addition to all the new features, we've also fixed quite a few bugs that you have been reporting. 

  • Some users were not able to see the sensor baseline adjustment in Sensor Settings, this is now fixed.

  • Future dates have been disabled in the calendar view to avoid accidentally selecting them. 


We're always listening to your feedback, so please don't be shy. Let us know what you would like to see in the app and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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