This week we are rolling out a minor update while the team works on two bigger features (due to be released early next month). The current release improves scanning feedback, combines Stats and Charts under one tab, adds a convenient way to jump to meal dates, refreshes the Sign In screen, and fixes sleep duplication issues. 

Updating (iOS)

Please update the app through TestFlight.

  1. Open TestFlight

  2. Tap Update

Updating (Android)

Please paste this link into your mobile browser

  1. Tap the blue Install button

  2. Once the download completes, install the downloaded app

Coming Soon

We wanted to tease you a bit with features coming in our next release! We are hard at work on an easy way to track meal ingredients and their macronutrient composition. We're also building a really cool accountability calendar so you can set goals and stick to them from day to day. We are super excited about these two features and hope you'll ♥️ them too! ETA is early May.

Mini Calendar (Reminder)

This feature is a bit hidden so we just wanted to remind you that there is a quick an easy way to switch days by using swipe gestures and the mini calendar!

To quickly go back or forward a day:

  1. Swipe left or right on the date label in the header

To select a specific date:

  1. Open the mini calendar by swiping down or double tapping the date label

  2. Tap on the date you would like to select

To select a date range:

  1. Open the mini calendar by swiping down or double tapping the date label

  2. Tap and hold on the start date of the range

  3. Tap the end date of the range

Sensor Activation

We have made the sensor activation process more reliable and improved the user experience. From now on, when you activate a new sensor, you will immediately see the sensor information populate in the Sensor Settings, letting you know that your sensor is active and the number of days until expiration.

Scanning and Activation (Android Only)

Getting a successful scan on an Android phone may be difficult at first, because the NFC vibration happens at the beginning of the scan instead of the end. To solve this problem, we have added another vibration to indicate when the scan is process has completed. Scans and activations on Android should now go as follows:

  1. Place the NFC part of your phone on top of the sensor

  2. The first vibration indicates that the sensor has been detected (please do not move your phone yet)

  3. A few seconds later you should feel a second, longer vibration, to indicate that the scan has completed (you can move your phone now)

  4. You should see a loading indicator and a popup message indicating that the scan was successful

Analytics Tab

We have combined the Stats and Charts screens in a single Analytics tab so you can see all your numbers in one place. You can use the date filters to aggregate the data across different time periods and you can use the Edit button in the top right hand corner to re-order or hide panels that you don't want to see.

Edit Stats

The stats tab is now editable just like the charts tab. As we add more stats, this will allow you to re-arrange and hide various stats for a more customized view.

Jump to Date

All cards now have a Jump to Date option in the dropdown menu to allow you to quickly navigate to the date of the logged event.

Sign In Refresh

The Sign In and Sign Up screens have been refreshed to get the app ready for its official App Store debut in May.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features, we've also fixed a few bugs. 

  • If you track your sleep using more than one device, you should no longer see duplicate sleep events.

  • Adding a meal or event no longer causes a fake glucose spike at the end of the graph display.

  • Loading indicators are now showing correctly in all lists.


We're always listening to your feedback, so please don't be shy. Let us know what you would like to see in the app and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Thank you!

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