In order to retrieve all the data from your CGM, you will need to scan it at least once every 8 hours. The CGM records up to 8 hours of data, so in order to get a full 24 hours of data in a day you will need to scan the sensor a minimum of 3 times throughout the day, every 8 hours. You can scan more often if you would like, however, if you scan less than every 8 hours you will see gaps in the data.


If you are already in the app, you can simply tap the Scan icon in the Plus menu.

  1. Once the Scan dialog opens, place the top center of your phone over the glucose sensor and hold it in place for a few seconds

  2. You will feel a vibration when the scan completes

If you want to scan without first opening the app, you can do so by using the haptic touch menu in iOS. Simply tap and hold the app icon and tap the middle widget button to initiate the scan. 

You can also add the Nutrisense widget to your widget screen, which would allow you to scan even if your phone is locked!


If you are inside the NutriSense app, make sure you are on the Dashboard tab. On Android you do not have to tap the scan button. Simply bring the NFC area of the phone to the sensor and the scan should happen automatically. 

  1. Place the NFC part of your phone on top of the sensor

  2. The first vibration indicates that the sensor has been detected (please do not move your phone yet)

  3. A few seconds later you should feel a second, longer vibration, to indicate that the scan has completed (you can move your phone now). Some androids have 3-4 vibrations before a successful scan.

  4. You should see a loading indicator and a popup message indicating that the scan was successful

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