Consistency is one of my biggest challenges when it comes to diet, exercise, work, you name it. Our Habits feature is a simple calendar that allows you to set weekly goals and check them off every day that you complete them. That's it, nice and simple. You can keep track of as many habits as you like and you will automatically see stats and graphs for each new habit that you set up. This will also allow our nutrition team to help you set goals and make sure you are hitting them.

Creating a habit:

First title the habit you are hoping to accomplish. Below are some examples of habits you might want to set. Then, you set a weekly goal of how often you would like to do this habit.

  1. Weightlift 4 times per week - Weekly goal of 4

  2. Restaurant meal only once per week - Weekly goal of 1

  3. End my last meal before 6 pm every day - Weekly goal of 7

Then, you can click off the days you do the habit! Your charts and statistics will be based on your weekly goal for that habit.

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