We skipped a release earlier this month so this one has two releases worth of new features! This release brings full ketone tracking and analytics support, new charts and stats, euro/metric units, help/info buttons, an updated date picker, and more!

📱Updating (iOS)

You can find us in the Apple App Store by searching for nutrisense. If you have automatic updates enabled, you should not need to do anything. To update manually, find the app in the App Store and tap Update.

📱Updating (Android)

You can find us in the Google Play Store by searching for nutrisense. If you have automatic updates enabled, you should not need to do anything. To update manually, find the app in the Play Store and tap Update.

📈 Ketone Tracking and Analytics

Many of you track your ketone levels using a KetoMojo or similar device, so we decided to make ketone tracking a core part of the app experience. This means that the main chart can now display your ketone levels and glucose levels simultaneously. You will also see ketone charts and stats under the Analytics tab just like you do for glucose. (The CGM does not measure ketones, you will need another device for this.)

Adding a ketone measurement is the same as before. Simply hit the plus button and add a Blood Ketone measurement. You will see an additional axis on the right side of the dashboard graph. This is the ketone axis, measured in mmol/L. If you do not see it, you can turn it on in User Settings:

  • Set Settings -> User -> Dashboard -> Dashboard Graph to Glucose + Ketones

When the above setting is enabled, the ketone measurements will appear along side the glucose data under the Data tab (renamed from Scans). These can now be manually deleted by tapping the three dots.

📈 New Charts and Stats

Charts and Stats are now categorized by section. There are currently 5 sections: Glucose, Ketones, Macros, Habits, and Measurements. You can tap the section headers to open/close each section. Depending on the date range selected, the charts will automatically switch to daily or weekly average values.

To hide a chart you don't want to see, just tap the eye icon in the top left corner of the chart. As before, the charts can also be re-ordered or hidden using the filter button in the top right corner of the app.

Quick Add Event at Tooltip

It's now easier to quickly add a measurement or other event to a specific location on the graph. Simply set the tooltip at the location where you want to add the event and tap the plus button. The time will be pre-filled to match the point you selected on the graph.

🇪🇺 European / Metric Units

For our European friends, you can now switch to metric units across the board. This will change your glucose measurements to mmol/L and your weight and distance measurements to kg and km.

🤓 Other Improvements

In addition to the features above, we've added a few smaller things

  • The date picker has been redesigned for ease of use

  • Each card list section now has a quick search box

  • The graph zoom/pan slider now filters the event list as well as the graph

  • Info buttons have been added to charts / stats / meal cards

  • Stress measurements (1-5) can be logged

🐛 Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features, we've also fixed a few bugs

  • Calendar height should not change from month to month

  • Android time picker showing twice

  • Missing data now shows as true gaps on chart

💌 Feedback

We're always listening to your feedback, so please don't be shy. Let us know what you would like to see in the app and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Thank you!

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