We are now fully integrated with KetoMojo sensors! If you have a KetoMojo device that uses bluetooth, it will integrate with the NutriSense app.

First, make sure your My Mojo Health Account is set up inside your ketomojo app. Go to settings, and make sure you are logged-in and your account is connected.

Now in the NutriSense app, go to settings -> integrations and toggle the KetoMojo sync on.

You will receive this message, click "continue".

When the app is synced, you will receive this success message:

Now all of your glucose and ketone measurements from your KetoMojo device will appear in the NutriSense app!

You will see an additional axis on the right side of the dashboard graph. This is the ketone axis, measured in mmol/L. If you do not see it, you can turn it on in User Settings:

  • Set Settings -> User -> Dashboard -> Dashboard Graph to Glucose + Ketones

When the above setting is enabled, the ketone measurements will appear along side the glucose data under the Data tab (renamed from Scans). These can now be manually deleted by tapping the three dots.

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