In your NutriSense app, you have some flexibility to adjust the app to best fit your goals. If you click the left hand menu -> settings -> user, you will find a variety of settings you can adjust.

  1. Scan reminders

    • This setting will send you push notification reminders to scan your sensor. You can adjust the reminder from every 8 hours to more frequent reminders by adjusting "reminder interval".

  2. Glucose low & high threshold

    • Your glucose graph will be pre-set to the "green" (green = good) zone being 70-140 mg/dL. You can adjust the upper and lower thresholds if you have a different glucose goal. You might have a lower threshold if your glucose runs low, or if you are following a ketogenic diet. You might have a higher threshold if you are working on managing diabetes. Work with your dietitian to find the right threshold for you!

  3. Daily Macro goals

    • This is where you can adjust your goals for calories, protein, fat, carbs. You can also adjust your settings to calculate net carbs instead of total carbs if you prefer to focus on that metric.

  4. Fasting window

    • This will be your window of time you are normally fasting. If you are only fasting when you are sleeping, your window might be 11pm-7am. If you fast for longer each day, you can set this to your normal routine. This fasting window will then calculate some statistics related to your overnight glucose average and an estimated morning glucose value. You can find these metrics under the "analytics" tab.

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